Weekly Reputation Document Template – The Way To Write A Standing Document

On the heels of our previous post (Making a standing document with Priority Matrix), I simply wanted to speak approximately special codecs that you would possibly use for an employee weekly popularity record template.

We’ve compiled some templates from other resources underneath.

Before digging deeper, allow’s additionally review WHY you’d need to make a weekly popularity report. A recent article through the NY Times shows that it’s far beneficial to degree effects, now not hours. A weekly status file would provide the vital update in a team surroundings. Here’s a applicable excerpt:

“But it’s now not sufficient to assume and take a look at. You need to communicate — frequently. Every week, write down a list of your assigned obligations — brief-term assignments and long-term desires — and rank them with the aid of importance, out of your perspective. Then ask your boss to weigh in on the list.”

At Appfluence, we do every day reviews as a way to acquire clarity for the team. While it isn’t always obligatory, it is truely beneficial to hold every body updated on your avenue blocks, development, and accomplishments. Here’s a actual screenshot of our each day ship out. This is routinely generated through Priority Matrix, in this situation at the Mac.

To get weekly reputation reviews like those, attempt it out for yourself! Also, you may get a free weekly fame document template in addition to a proof of the significance of weekly repute reporting.

From the Northwestern University internet site, you could discover the subsequent weekly status file template:

——————————————————————————————Weekly Status ReportTo: __________From: __________Subject: Status_______Period Ending: __________Self-evaluation: Green, Yellow, or Red_ Activities Completed this weekCompleted deliverables:


Activities in procedure


Activities to be started subsequent week


Long-term tasks


Issues for immediate attention


Key group interdependencies



From the Microsoft Office website, here is a pattern weekly popularity record template:

————————————————————————————MilestonesPlanned DatesActual DatesComments(instance-Kickoff meeting)(MM/DD/YYYY)(MM/DD/YYYY)(MM/DD/YYYY)(Delayed because of xyz, and so on…) Accomplished this week:

  • (Task)

Planned for next week:

  • (Task)

Issues/Risks identified:

  • (Description)


Here at Appfluence, we use the following easy bulleted lists to notify every different by means of e-mail what we’re personally working on.

————————————————————————————Last week:

  • List the duties you finished closing week

This week:

  • List the responsibilities you plan to complete this week


  • Write down any obstacles or roadblocks that you would possibly come upon/have already encountered


  • Add comments or questions that can useful resource in conveying what you are doing in your meant target audience.


Here is a Weekly Status Report template prepared to apply on Priority Matrix. Below are a few pattern action items as nicely, for idea:

Let us know if you have any weekly repute file templates of your own! We would like to pay attention about methods human beings are staying effective and conducting tasks!Learn more about fame reports in Priority Matrix on this video:

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