TEFL Courses in England

England is the motherland of English and is beyond doubt the best place to learn the language. All the same, it would be a ridiculous proposition if everybody would have to visit England to acquire considerable command over English. In view of this and the growing interest of people in picking up the language, British Universities and Institutes have come up with some very original TEFL courses in England.

TEFL courses in England

The select TEFL courses in England, train deserving, enterprising and motivated candidates to learn effective methods and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language. The professional curriculums equipping to-be EFL instructors with the fitting tools and techniques of teaching both conversational and written English to non-English speakers are based on some widely accepted TEFL certifications like,

TEFL Certifications

  • CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
  • CELTYL (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners)
  • CertTESOL (Trinity College London Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Take a note that all these certificates are universally acknowledged and are recognized by the British Council.

Important TEFL Courses In England

TEFL courses based on these certifications are offered at a number of campuses nationwide, and there are even certification course programs available online:

  • Academy of Windsor: conducts an intensive 4-week long CertTESOL/TEFL course in Windsor, London and Oxford.
  • European Language Centers: offer practical EFL teaching programs based on Cert TESOL certification. The course continues for 4 full-weeks and classes are held in different European cities like Barcelona, Florence, Madrid, Prague and Seville along with London.
  • Crest Schools of English: is a Cambridge Approved CELTA center and offers certified TEFL/TESOL courses year-round.
  • TLI Teacher Training School: provides full-time TEFL courses based on Trinity College TESOL certification and Diploma in TESOL. TEFL courses are offered in Edinburgh, Scotland and Pontevedra, Spain. (The Diploma in TESOL may be completed in any of the three ways: Distance Learning & Part-time – in 36 weeks, Full-time – in 12 weeks.)

These apart, TEFL training courses along with other certification and diploma courses such as Certificate in English for Specific Purposes, Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, Diploma in teaching Business English, and other courses (some following the above certifications, yet others approved by other authorities) are held in UK all round the year. Distance learning and online TEFL courses are also conducted by many Institutions and learning centers.

What’s So Special About The TEFL Courses In England?

As said, TEFL courses in England are among the best TEFL training programs. Schools and institutes offering these courses field experienced trainers committed to providing an exceedingly supportive educational atmosphere. With emphasis on individual attention, you will get enough practical experience both in the form of getting ample opportunities of watching veteran teachers in classroom environments and teaching English to students for whom it is not their mother tongue.

The challenge of a TEFL course lies in the fact that here your students are people who speak another language. The excellence of TEFL courses in England lies here. the courses not only perfect your communication and coaching skills, but also help you overcome the communication gap between you and your students. With effective tools (such as photos, flash cards, video presentations) and advanced teaching techniques (like blending learning, VLE, etc.), the TEFL courses help you develop effective lesson plans and strategies that encourage the students to communicate with each other by improving the four basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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