Technological change A need in education system

Everything in this world needs a change to survive in this ever changing world where everything needs an update. We can easily distinguish between a car designed in 1950 with the car designed in 2016 as it will evidently show the changes. The change in shape; power, utilities, facilities and design.

Moreover, people also have to change with time to survive in this competitive world, but unfortunately, our classrooms and educational system are same old fashioned with students rotting their syllabus and at the end of year appearing for assessments with a brain full of pressure.

We can see around us that although people are acquiring professional degrees but do not develop as a human being, their education is not benefiting them in a manner it should benefits.

Technology Influences Classroom

This is mainly because there is no frequent introduction of technological changes in classrooms. Our classrooms and educational institution are developing human robots rather than developing people who innovate robots.

Technology must be implemented in the educational systems to attain most recent knowledge and to enable students to seek constant growth in their ability to innovate. For the successful adoption of technology in education different educational stakeholders need to come closer and corporate with the idea of increased use of technology in education.

Technology for Educational Infrastructure

Technology can be seen in education by introducing technology in the infrastructure of educational institutions. This may include the virtual accessibility to study resources in institute premises, and there must be a connectivity between resources and classroom so that the students can have easy access to the material they want.

Technology must also be used in evaluating the learning process, for example, while attending to class whiteboard student can only absorb what is written on the board but when we provide technological gadget to students to can surf ahead of the material written on the board and can attain wider knowledge on the topic.

For this different purpose, software is now available which provide easy access to the virtual classrooms and allows students to adapt extensive knowledge for their assessments.

Educational Technology Motivates Students

Moreover, use of technology will motivate students to give more time towards their learning as this will give them virtual and portable experience which now become an increasing trend in student’s social lives.

However, the biggest obstacle in the way of using technology in education is the resistance from teachers who thinks that with the introduction of technology their importance will be impaired and their existing skill will be made redundant.

Although, with the introduction of the technology the role of the teacher will become clearer and this results in more focused guidance to students as more students could be approached and addressed through different means if technology.

Education Needs Technology

Conclusively, major stakeholders of education should not resist the change in educational process with the use of technology as it has become a need of an hour for the development and perpetual growth of education.

Moreover, a little inconvenience could be put in a path of adopting changes, but this will positively impact the future of education which is the ultimate objective of every stakeholder of the education system.