Teaching English abroad

The importance of the English language in international academic and business communities is only increasing. With this increase, there is a growing need for qualified English teachers overseas, a gap that could be filled by qualified personnel like you who would be happy to teach the language in a foreign country.

If you like to travel and see places as well as interact with people from different cultures and countries, Teaching English abroad is a great career option for you. Teaching English abroad, overseas, as a second language is rather a challenging proposition. This is because although the students are as well versed in their own mother tongue, they do not get an opportunity to practise their English skills.

Job hunting for teaching English abroad

Start your job hunt for teaching English abroad, overseas by correctly marketing yourself. The best way to do this is to post your resume online. When looking at options, you have two choices:

  • To make things simple for yourself, you may choose to secure your job through a job placement program. This is recommended especially if you are not conversant with the native language of the country you wish to teach in, and are unfamiliar with the legal requirements by way of work permits and visa requirements of the country.
  • If you have had previous experience with such jobs or want to do it your own way, make sure that you are equipped with all required mandatory papers and acquainted with the legalities vis-à-vis the nation you are going to teach in.

Mindset for Teaching English Abroad

Before you get on looking for a job teaching English abroad, overseas, you must be clear in your mind about the student profile you would like to interact with.

You could choose to teach foreign students, who have English as a part of their curriculum or those people who want to improve their conversational skills. There may be a section of students who are looking to learn the language in order to pursue further studies in an English speaking university; or people who need to know English for more lucrative career options.

You may even be engaged as a private instructor, in which case you may be in a position to charge on an hourly basis and even be able to decide the hours you want to work.

Whoever you choose to teach, remember, your job description involves not just teaching conversational English. You will be responsible for teaching your students to read, understand and communicate in the language fluently, as well as write without grammatical and spelling errors.

Suggestions when scouting for options of teaching English abroad, overseas

  • A certificate in ELT/TEFL/EFL or any equivalent qualification is a pre-requisite to getting a good English teaching job overseas.
  • Market yourself properly so you get the right job with the right salary and terms.
  • Learn a bit of the local language – this will help you bridge the language barrier more effectively.
  • If you plan to freelance, bring some extra savings to see you through the first couple of months. It might take you a few months to build up a clientele to support yourself in your new environment.
  • Before committing to any remuneration package, check the standard of living in the country.

Learning While Teaching

The nicest aspect of your new profession of teaching English abroad, overseas is that you get to see the world while you earn, and you learn first-hand about the culture, civilization and people of different countries on our planet!

When you are teaching English as a foreign language, you are empowering the non-English speakers with a powerful tool of communication and in lieu, you get to soak in their unique ideals and beliefs.