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Thesis maker or writing is not an easy task as it needs a lot of time and full attention to accomplish the thesis on time, but unfortunately, it is not possible to give your best if you are already engaged with other responsibilities.

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Generic papers

We know many of the companies out there who use some sort of tricks and their aim is just to earn money. Such thesis makers have a library in which they save pre-written papers and when someone hires them, they just select the somewhat relevant paper and after some amendments, they send it to the client. This type of paper is not up to the requirements as every institute has its own terms and regulations to write a thesis and you will definitely lose your marks as well as time if you get trapped by such fake thesis makers.


Many writing services just do a copy paste to save their time and offer you a thesis that is full of plagiarism and if you submit the same thesis to get a degree, then obviously you will get nothing as plagiarism is considered a real crime in the field of education and can’t be tolerated.

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