Safety Newsletter Ideas

ByM.T. WroblewskiUpdated December 10, 2020

Safety newsletters preserve personnel out of damage’s away, direct their attention to topical problems and can function fodder for training and development classes. For many enterprise owners, newsletters constitute the cornerstone in their internal conversation approach. If you’re new to the style, you’re smart to appearance ahead and plan destiny issues alongside your unique writer, although many editorial plans trade to house overdue-breaking tendencies. If you’re drawing a blank for safety article thoughts, don’t worry – examples abound that will let you think of latest and informative subjects.Research Workplace Safety Newsletter Examples

If you haven’t already accomplished so, it can assist to check different protection newsletters. You may also have in comparison existing examples as you advanced your website to decide what you like and dislike, to locate ideas well worth replicating and to spark those “what if?” questions which could regularly light a fire underneath a innovative project. Consider signing up for:

Even if you don’t take care of the format, colorations and content material, it need to make 3 massive points:

  • Once you pick a protection e-newsletter template and spot how articles are “slotted” into their respective spaces each month, developing a monthly e-newsletter should be an workout in efficiency (inside the proper hands, of course).
  • Articles don’t must be magazine-length; even 4 very brief articles can help keep protection top-of-mind among employees.
  • A virtual layout “travels” well, and personnel can continually print a copy in the event that they need to.   

Fill out Your Safety Newsletter Template

You may increase a exclusive gadget, however assuming you have 4 articles in every difficulty, you may need to give you 4 walking subjects. This can be a very good way to convey your priorities, set employee expectations for the newsletter and, from a realistic perspective, make planning future issues a bit less complicated. Consider those subjects and protection article ideas from Love to Know:

  • Workplace-associated protection troubles:
  • Electrical protection guidelines
  • Equipment operation reminders
  • Eye-protection recommendation
  • Hand-washing suggestions
  • Ladder-mountain climbing tips
  • Proper chair, desk and computer placement
  • Safe-lifting instructions
  • Policy and technique reminders:
  • General housekeeping
  • Safety problem reporting
  • Substance abuse
  • Workplace accidents
  • Emergency preparedness:
  • Evacuation strategies
  • Fire prevention guidelines
  • Medical and emergency contact numbers
  • Weather/seasonal:
  • Cold climate protection tips
  • Warm climate protection tips
  • Weathering weather emergencies

Make Your Safety Newsletter an Easy Read

It might also help to bear in mind a lesson that even country wide newspapers needed time to take in after the 24-hour news cycle became the norm: By the time employees examine your e-newsletter, they in all likelihood can have heard some thing, say, approximately that new OSHA requirement or those imminent town safety inspections. The supply in their information will be credible (an off-the-report verbal exchange with a manager) or suspect (the office grapevine).

In either case, the newsletter’s characteristic is to boost the messages you want personnel to recollect. The greater concise you could be, the less complicated your newsletter can be to study and, greater than probable, the greater employees will experience receiving it. Perhaps consider the short, to-the-point publication article because the “appetizer” and a observe-up safety schooling consultation because the “meal.” You’ll be the “chef” who expertly brings the factors collectively.

Other pointers from Ragan Communications ought to beautify the clarity of your protection e-newsletter, too:

  • Keep your target market top-of-thoughts. Articles should “speak” to them in their language, no longer OSHA’s.
  • Write (or approve) compelling headlines. Good ones bring statistics whilst drawing readers in with the aid of triggering their curiosity.
  • Avoid jargon. When you need to use arcane phrases, make certain to provide an explanation for them.
  • Include bullet factors whilst you may. Readers love them, and just their appearance shows a chunk could be easy to examine.
  • Integrate visuals – pics, photographs, pull-out quotes – to draw attention to the articles.
  • Employ humor, in which appropriate. Safety is a severe subject matter, however you shouldn’t be afraid to have a laugh. Your personnel will recognize it. And as a newly minted writer, you’re entitled.