How to Rent Your First Apartment 

You may be out of your dad’s house because you are an adult now; it is fair to live with your friend, elder brother/sister or with your uncle for some time but you cannot do this for long, and this is also not appropriate to live in someone else house for years.

You have to rent your apartment to live with greater freedom and ease; a house which you could say is your own; a place where you can live with your rules and in a manner which you are comfortable.

Before making a decision to rent your first apartment, you should consider some guidelines like how much can you afford to rent your first place successfully and without any inconvenience (Caldwell, How to Rent). Following are some useful guidelines for your assistance which can help you in renting an apartment;

How to Rent Your First Apartment 

  • Before you went to agencies in search of a house, you should, first of all, determine your affordability which can assist you in telling your requirement description to an agent and find the right home within your affordability. For determining your affordability; you need to consider your primary expenditures against your earned income that you have to make necessarily, your rent should be about twenty to thirty percent of your income, and anything above this range could affect the payments of your other expenditures.
  • Find a convenient location where you can live with comfort and which suits your living standard keeping in view your affordability factor. In determining a location, you must consider that the locality is near to your workplace; if your house is far away from your job it will be eventually higher your transportation cost (Nickel, Guide for young adults).
  • Apart from contacting a real estate agent you should also search online and in daily newspapers where often good deals have been offered which also save the commission cost you have to pay to your agent. People with small properties usually advertise their house online to avoid any advertisement or commission cost.
  • You must short list at least five properties to look at first which suits your requirements; this will make your job easier to find a house. Looking more than five properties per day could make you feel tired, and the properties will blur altogether, and you will not remember any particular home later if you have further shortlisted the property to consider.
  • You should not make a decision in a hurry; you should take your time and check all the primary requirements that could not ignore in your house, the inquiry should be made about the security concerns of the location you selected and other important factors like necessary amenities should be examined before finalizing the deal.
  • You could find a roommate for your house, but before selecting any one you should inquire about him, and you should evaluate that if you can live with the person or not. Furthermore, all terms and conditions should be agreed before moving in as this will later become an unbearable problem for you and could get you into undue stress.
  • Finally, after finding your ideal apartment, you have to sign an application and rental agreement with your house owner, it may require a co-signer but condition could be waived for a larger deposit (Brandstetter, Think before renting). You have to make sure that all terms and conditions are by your requirements before signing an agreement.

It is assumed that above mentioned guidelines about renting an apartment will benefit you in your purpose, although, some important points could be forgotten to include which should be taken care of before signing a lease agreement.