Need for Prioritizing the Education 

Nearly in every country of the world especially in third world and underdeveloped countries, most of the resources were spent on military and in the development of armed resources, where some of the countries put the high share of their economic resources on infrastructure and extrinsic development of the country. Possibly none of the state or its government seems to be interested in the development of their people through education. Prioritizing the education is a neglected probably in every part of the world, and it is regarded as a least important aspect of any society. In real education is one thing that turns the coal into a diamond. Education enlightens the vision of any nation and leads them towards prosperity while eliminating darkness. Many parts of the world remains aback majorly due to an inappropriate educational structure which is a result of insufficient educational resources.

We can witness in the world that most of the nations are very rich in respect of any natural mineral or resource, but they do not have knowledge about how they could utilize their natural resources for their benefit. They either do not have resources to extract the mineral or resource or do not have any idea about its utility or its transformation. This result in any superior country to exploit their resources and in return, they get a little share from that. Education brings a great deal of visionary minds in the nation which leads them towards abundance and a path full of opportunities. Where in educationally deprived nation their leaders also have no vision or passion for getting their country to the new level of success in the world neither their people are that much educated to explore a different aspect of the ever changing world which might get them prosperity.

The main reason why world authorities are afraid of resistant in investing in education is the fear of getting people that much enlighten that their position will be threatened then or people after getting the appropriate level of education will be broad minded enough to stand up for their rights and ask for the opportunities that they deserve. Therefore, this fear of losing position, the threat of being questioned and being accountable might be the reasons for the resistance in enriching the educational system especially in underdeveloped country and underprivileged parts of developed countries.

Another reason for de-prioritizing the education is its intrinsic nature. When any state or government make mega metro station program and push huge amounts of money on these mega infrastructural programs, they (state) have a chance to brag about something for the next time they contest for their position. However, when money will be invested in education, it will not be visible to anyone as its results are intrinsic. It benefits the people of the nation from inside which include increased wisdom and intellectual level of people; these results might take time to be visible to human eye, but the impact of this could be sense by those having enough wisdom. Conclusively, it is a need of an hour to take this matter seriously, and concern authorities should look at their personal interest for the betterment of the world.

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