How to promote your freelancer business In few steps

WordPress is a great and open-source platform for developers to display a wide range of skills and products. It is good for both bloggers and business owners because of its flexibility. Therefore, it is completely possible to maximize the marketing potential of any site powered by WordPress.

If you are a freelance business owner who relies solely on WordPress, then luckily the marketing process wouldn’t take more than a few clicks and tweaks to improve.

First of all, congratulations on breaking that monotonous 9 to 5 grind and taking the first steps towards creating a freelance space for yourself. It is not easy to set up WordPress or any other site, so you should be very excited.

However, ask yourself a few days after setting up if the decision was even worth it. It’s a new site, you need to find a way to attract new people to your landing page and make them convert. Then comes the retaining phase where you have to try and keep them loyal to you for as long as possible.

What is marketing?

This thought comes under the category of marketing. You need to market your WordPress business as a freelancer and do it in a way that it attracts the most leads successfully. In the case of WordPress, your online marketing game should be really strong in order to grow an audience that loves your work.

Neil Patel, a successful online marketer, defines marketing as a result of four basic things:

Basic Marketing Tips


We have all heard the fact that doing is what teaches us. It is true. You learn the tips and tricks of online marketing when you implement them. Neil suggests learning the basics, reading up a lot on the topic, watching videos and tutorials, implementing the tricks and then analyzing and improving constantly. You need to be in a passionate space where you really want to give your best to the job and make it succeed.


Neil suggests that teaching is what really puts a solid ground of idea in one’s mind. Be it a peer or a conference, the information you prepare and share ends up benefiting you more than anyone else. You don’t have to be an expert teacher, you just have to make the most complex theories and strategies seem easy to understandand that’s it- you have taught yourself something new.


When you teach, you get a couple of questions from your students. Not only that, but your own mind also asks questions and tries to understand the logic behind several things.

For Neil, the comments section on his site asks all the questions. To find the answers to those, he reads more and dives into the depths of a concept. Thus, he learns more about online marketing whilst helping others at the same time.


Finally, the thing which will make you shift from a beginner to an expert marketer is the process. When you create a process for each marketing technique, you will know exactly which part of the process is creating problems and which part is benefiting the process. Neil suggests creating an executions plan and then auditing it for improvements. You can add the following components to auditing:

  • Design– the comprehensiveness of the specification of how the process is to be executed.
  • Performers– the people who execute the process, particularly according to their skill and information.
  • Owner– a senior executive who has the responsibility for the process and its results.
  • Infrastructure– information and management systems that strengthen up the system.
  • Metrics– the scaling phenomena that organization uses to check the performance.

Here is how you can effectively market your freelance business:

Effective Freelance Business Marketing Strategy

Set a goal:

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of business you want to establish. Your freelance business choice has got everything to do with setting a goal. A freelancer is not bound by office spaces. Thus, you will have the flexibility of choosing hours and deciding what services to offer. In WordPress, you can choose from a multitude of plugins and extensions which provide unlimited options to express your talent. You can also hunt for some quick tips and reviews related to WordPress for better understanding in your business.

You can become a WordPress blogger to start blogging about how you have experienced share youWordpress as a business platform so far. You can also offer paid consultancy to other WordPress users. You can also offer paid tech support in WordPress setup or fix the SEO on a user’s site using the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Otherwise, there are many other categories like beauty, health & fitness, fashion or sports. But the first step is to list down the kind of freelancing business you want to build.

Make a plan:

When you have thoroughly thought about your goal in freelance business, then you will have to chalk out a plan. They can be both short-term and long-term plans of marketing your business. This will help you maintain focus. Decide budgets, timeframes and expectations as well.

Your goal could be anything. Increasing your revenue, increasing email subscriptions, lots of ad-based traffic or maybe just a few customers. This will go on to decide what strategies you will apply to achieve these goals with a plan.

You can either use a couple of marketing channels or stick to good old email. 31% marketers think that email is the strongest marketing channel. Install MailChimp to help your WordPress traffic convert via mail.

Showcase your expertise:

Your WordPress site should reflect the kind of services you want to offer. If you are a creative, it should be evident in site design. If you are more of a copywriter or a reviewer, you should have testimonials to back that up (Use the Just Writing Plugin to improve your written content). Even if you have started from scratch, your site design is the home of your business. Make it as appealing as possible. This is when your site becomes an online resume.

Display your contact number, emails and number clearly. Other than that, you can use the WP Ticket Pluginthat people can click to ask for your assistance.

Use social media:

Use the power of social media to leverage your services. It is a great place to promote your blog. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are some popular channels you can use.

You can also sign into all of these profiles on an omni channel tool like Hootsuite so that posting, scheduling and publishing becomes easy as a breeze. These tools also provide monthly and weekly reports that can show you results of your keyword optimization.

Additional tips:

  • Publish sponsored posts on other high-ranking websites within your niche. This will put out a good word about your website.
  • Insert a link in these posts so that it becomes equally beneficial for your SEO as well.
  • Purchase backlinks on other high-ranking sites. It is just like sponsored posts but different in that they are links.
  • You can use the Project Manager Plugin for WordPress to manage all marketing projects effectively.
  • Another great plugin to manage tasks related to marketing is TaskFreak. You can create projects, assign tasks and set due dates using this one.