Cybersecurity Memo Templates And Awareness Flyers Employees Received’t Forget About

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes around each October, but you shouldn’t depend upon one month being enough to pressure domestic the significance of cybersecurity in your employees. You need to sell security cognizance and cybersecurity high-quality practices year-round. In order that will help you kick off or keep your cognizance program, we’ve prepare a whole lot of cybersecurity memo templates for employees. These memos cowl topics like phishing and whaling, password practices, record and folder permissions, in addition to templates for distinct enjoy ranges.

For extra advanced safety education, take a look at out these free protection courses and whole them to earn CPE credit.

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Shareable Cybersecurity Awareness Flyers

Your friends are in all likelihood slowed down by means of an inbox complete of unread emails. To make sure they don’t pass over precious facts, try striking up an eye catching flyer. The flyers underneath integrate pop culture references and cybersecurity focus to their grab interest and spread consciousness in a fun way. Try embedding the flyers in your e mail blasts as an green option.1. Phishing Flyer

When relating to cybersecurity stats from years beyond, “spear-phishing emails were the most broadly used contamination vector, hired by way of 71 percentage of those companies that staged cyber attacks in 2017” (Symantec). Catch your peers’ and personnel’ interest and lift phishing and whaling cognizance with this phishing flyer.

2. Password Security Flyer

In our galaxy and galaxies a long way, a long way away, there are hackers who crack weak passwords. Bring interest to password and account protection with this “Cyber Wars” flyer. The flyer promotes using multi-element authentication and password managers as answers.

3. Invoice Scams Flyer (Ghostbusters)

If you get hold of an unusual bill or request for sensitive information, it’s critical to test with the billing branch or different applicable managers for approval. The fraudulent invoice flyer under uses a “Ghostbusters” theme to raise awareness and assist bust fraud and scammers in their tracks.

Essential Cybersecurity Awareness Templates

It’s very important to create a company subculture that values and rewards exact cybersecurity practices. There are diverse approaches to set this precedent, along with comprehensive onboarding education, attractive far flung workers, sending reminders and making sure that management sets an amazing instance. We recommend tweaking the templates beneath depending on your organization’s wishes and the goods or offerings you provide.

  • New Employees
  • Remote Employees
  • All Staff
  • Management
  • Follow-Up Email

Cybersecurity Awareness Memos for New Employees

As a high-quality exercise, cybersecurity consciousness and organization regulations on the matter ought to be included into onboarding education. Make certain your new hires start out on the right foot with the template below.

Important subjects:

  • Data privateness policies and records ethics
  • Compliance laws (HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA)
  • Insider threats and information breaches

We’re very excited to welcome you onto the group! I’m sure you’ve got a number of documents to review for education and onboarding however I wanted to carry our cybersecurity regulations to your interest.

As a employer, we area large price in our integrity and security — see our coverage attached here and some critical subjects beneath. Please permit me understand if you have any questions about our protection practices!

  • Security coverage [LINK or ATTACH]

Important subjects covered in our policy:

  • [INDUSTRY] privacy and security compliance
  • Handling sensitive and private information
  • Password and account security

Once you’re finished analyzing through the attachment, please ship again confirmation that you’ve read thru the regulations and apprehend them.

[SIGNATURE]Cybersecurity Awareness Memos for Remote Employees

Make sure your faraway workers experience blanketed — loop them in on any coverage changes or refreshers which you ship in your team. It’s very vital to hold in mind that far flung workers also have extra security challenges as compared to their on-website online opposite numbers. This template is an example of what to cowl to ensure they’re following secure net and safety protocols.

Important subjects:

  • Dangers of public Wi-Fi
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) risks
  • Locking devices bodily and with passwords

Hope all is well in [CITY]. We wanted to ship over a recent update to our security practices.

Public and free Wi-Fi networks go away you uncovered to being hacked and places [COMPANY] at threat for data breaches and exfiltration.

Working on public or free networks is precisely prohibited. [NAME] has set up a tethering plan so that you may additionally use your work telephone for internet statistics. Attached are commands to set up your tool, such as how to set up the specified login and password protection function.

Please let me recognize if you have any questions, I’m happy to jump on a call or video chat must you run into troubles.

This coverage is going into effect on [DATE], please aim to have your tool installation with the aid of [DATE] to keep away from any overlap.

[SIGNATURE]Cybersecurity Awareness Memos for All Staff

As stated above, safety attention and schooling ought to be a year-spherical precedence and intention. Use the templates under to send refreshers and cybersecurity news approximately the modern day scams to maintain your employer secure.

Important subjects:

  • Password security
  • Phishing, spoofing and different e mail scams
  • Fraudulent invoices

Since [REASON], we desired to bring [TOPIC] on your attention.

[TOPIC] is [DEFINITION]. It’s imperative to [ACTION] that allows you to assist preserve [COMPANY]’s information safety and integrity.


Thank you in your persisted cooperation as we try to maintain our clients’ and personnel’ data secure and steady.

Phishing awareness electronic mail template:

In mild of the increasing wide variety of phishing attempts that have been going around, we desired to ship over some pointers to assist preserve your account secure.

“Phishing” scams are a totally famous tactic hackers use to trick customers into thinking they acquired an electronic mail or textual content (SMiShing = SMS phishing) from a good organization. They will use emblems, fake but practical-searching e mail addresses and contacts, and different methods to trick you into clicking a malicious link that might compromise your safety.

Other iterations:

  • “Spear-phishing” is a subset of phishing this is greater customized — the hacker will pose as a person you know to advantage your agree with.
  • “Whaling” refers to a kind of phishing that targets people who have high-degree get admission to to data, price range and data (i.e. commercial enterprise owners, CFOs, and many others.).

Do no longer click links from emails which you weren’t awaiting, enhance any kind of suspicion or from contacts no longer already on your contact listing. Hover over the link to look the URL or even if it nevertheless appears ordinary, type the area into your browser the usage of https.

Tips to identify a rip-off:

  • Misspelled words
  • Strange or big requests
  • Website is “off” and bare-boned:
  • Website is “unsecure”
  • Missing footer and navigation
  • Misspelled phrases
  • No touch information

How to keep away from those attacks:

  • Above all else: Don’t click on the hyperlink
  • Be skeptical and ask a observe-up question for rationalization
  • Be careful about the info you percentage on social media, oversharing can be used to target you
  • Keep software up to date
  • Make certain any passwords are as much as our agency requirements (sixteen alphanumeric characters lengthy) and are saved handiest in our confirmed password manager

Thank you for taking the time to examine via this and help preserve your peers, our facts and clients secure and steady.

[SIGNATURE]Cybersecurity Awareness Memos for Management

It’s vital to set an excellent example on the top. Employees will look to control for steerage and it’s important that every one participants of control are well-versed in cybersecurity troubles and dangers. They generally have better get admission to levels and pose a bigger threat if their account is compromised. Use the template underneath to maintain control up to speed.

Important subjects:

  • Permission propagation
  • Zero believe version
  • Stale records and money owed
  • Data classification