Create Characters

Here are the tips tell you how to create characters in your story. A good a story is a story that has unique characters.

1. Give Name to Your Characters: Each of your character needs a name and personalities, so your readers can identify them.

2. Picture how your Characters look like: Imagine how your characters look like, it can be about the clothes they were, devices that they use…

3. Create problems for your characters: Remember your characters need problems, so it will add more meaning to your story. Tell your reader about the thread that they are facing or problems they have.

4. Good guys and bad guys:  A good story is a story that tells about both good and bad. In this way, your readers will learn about each characters and it make them want to study more about your story.

5. Make your characters have friends and enemies: Your characters need both friends and enemies.  It is the best way to make your reader feels your characters are real.