6 things that will make you a winning project manager 

Project management has evolved from the difficult, back-breaking job it used to be. There is now a plethora of innovative project management tools to capitalize on and companies have an unprecedented appreciation for the discipline.

According to a recent study, nearly 97% of companies believe project management is imperative for organizational success. This growing demand for project management has skyrocketed competition in the industry, requiring project managers to be sharper and more productive than ever before.

They are entrusted to take on projects that are central to the company’s success and follow them through to completion within the allocated time and budget, while maintaining a quality level superseding the stakeholder’s expectations.

The project management industry is projected to grow by 6.61 trillion USD by 2020 giving rise to 6.2 million new project management jobs. So, how do you ensure that you stand out in the swarm of ambitious project managers? Here are 6 factors that will transform you in to a highly sought after project manager:Inspirational leadership:

As a project manager, you’re responsible for guiding and motivating your team to achieve the project’s objectives. In order to do so, it is imperative that you inspire your team members to uphold and contribute to a shared vision.

You also need to derive intrinsic motivation from your team members by letting them see the impact of a successful project on their own careers and lives. This will be advantageous as sharing a common vision will ensure that all team members are on the same page. Ownership of the project’s vision will encourage them to work wholeheartedly towards its materialization. 

Effective communication

Did you know that project managers spend around 90% of their time communicating? They do so because they have to remain in constant contact with their team members, corporate management, clients, vendors and others, to ensure that the project is carried out in an efficient and cohesive manner.

Therefore, it is crucial that you learn the art of effectively communicating your goals, ideas and concerns to people of differing personalities, backgrounds and interests. Moreover, you should also make use of various communication channels and tools such as emails, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, video conferencing and text messages to ensure that you stay connected with all stakeholders in real-time.


A project manager needs to be the go-to person for his team members, when it comes to technical and intellectual advice. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be aware of all the technicalities of a project, but they should be well aware of implications of various technical opportunities and challenges. Project managers need to effectively juggle all aspects of a project including feasibility analysis, budgeting, procurement, resource allocation, monitoring, control, stakeholder management and risk management among others.

Therefore, winning project managers need to possess an advanced level of expertise in all these domains. Moreover, they understand that projects cannot be a one-man show and hence, they delegate work to competent team members and even project management tools in order to achieve high levels of productivity.

 Meticulous time management

In order to be successful, project managers need to be meticulous in managing their personal time, their team’s time as well as the project’s timelines. In order to guide the efforts of your project team, you need to first be disciplined as an individual. Define your project’s critical path, select some productivity tools, allocating responsibilities to yourself and your team members, setting timelines and then sticking to them diligently. 


Great project managers are empathetic in the true sense of the word. They are aware that they need to drive project success via other people and, therefore, they put time and effort in understanding the needs and concerns of all stakeholders. This enables them to influence and motivate their stakeholders and establish a cohesive work environment.


Project managers are responsible for setting the modus operandi for their teams via their actions. Therefore, if you exhibit commitment to ethical practices, your team members will be encouraged to practice the same. Through strict adherence to moral and ethical values, you can complete a project in a transparent manner and attain the trust and confidence of your stakeholders.

These traits will enable you to complete every allocated project with efficiency and professionalism.