13 Unfastened Press Launch Templates For Any Event [down Load]

Looking for downloadable press launch templates that you may tailor for your desires? You came to the right location.

Here are 13 unfastened press launch templates created with Prowly’s Press Release Creator that you can down load and tailor on your wishes. All you need to do is pick the most relevant one for you, and fill within the blanks.

Each press release template is like minded with Microsoft Word as nicely. Just click “Download as .docx” at the lowest of every template. Simple as that!

thirteen Sample press release templates

  • New product press release Template
  • Event press release template
  • Music press launch template
  • New e-book declaration press release template
  • Product replace press launch template
  • New rent press launch template
  • Resignation statement press release template
  • New vicinity establishing press release template
  • New partnership assertion press release template
  • Rebranding press launch template
  • Award winner statement press launch template
  • Statement/declaration press launch template
  • Sports declaration press launch template
  • Regardless of what you’re writing about – each press launch ought to contain:

    • Headline – a taster of what you can count on
    • Lead – a short assessment of the tale, consisting of answers to the questions: Who? What? When? Why? With what effect?
    • Body – an evidence of the facts furnished in advance inside the lead, starting from the maximum newsworthy info to other much less essential, heritage info
    • Dateline – to confirm which you’re offering the maximum up to date facts
    • Company data – a short paragraph about your enterprise to assist reporters apprehend the nature of the business and make writing about it less difficult
    • Media contact statistics – writer or employer’s/company’s touch facts

    Here’s how to write a press release along side exclusive press release examples, if you’re seeking out greater recommendations. New Product Press Release TemplateNew Product Press Release Template

    When writing a press release for a product launch, make sure it comes across what’s special approximately it, and what it brings to the desk for your clients. Maybe you can compare it to different products provided by using your competitors, as an instance?Try to avoid statements like, “we’re satisfied to announce/tell,” “we have the honour to offer,” and so on. Focus on specifics as an alternative.Read extra about growing an powerful press release in our new product press launch guide.Event Announcement Press Release TemplateEvent Press Release Template

    Accuracy is extraordinarily crucial here—don’t forget about to encompass the event’s name, venue, organizer. If you invited specialists to talk at your event, provide a short description of their profiles. When planning their presence at various meetings, newshounds need to realize ahead of time who they’ll be speaking to and approximately what.

    If you plan on sending out invites, make sure newshounds recognise when and where they need to RSVP. Don’t just throw the occasion’s title and a link to its Facebook web page for your launch—it’s extremely awful practice. If you’re writing about a beyond event, make sure you encompass excellent photos (captioned with the photographer’s name).

    Note: Try now not to jam the journalist’s inbox with files which can be too huge. You can use gear to help you compress these documents or refer the readers for your on-line newsroom wherein they are able to view all of the images and download the ones they pick out in their original length. For extra records, check out our in-depth manual on writing a press launch for an event.Music Press Release TemplateMusic Press Release Template

    Use this loose press launch template whenever you need to tell the arena about a brand new album or unmarried release, or a brand new gig developing.

    Add a teaser for your press release—it’s viable while you’re publishing your information online! All you need to do is embed a SoundCloud or YT code into your story. Also, mention the style your album fits into.

    Don’t forget about to consist of a short observe about the artist and what hyperlinks them for your emblem. If there are companions involved within the undertaking (e.g. creative patronage), make certain you mention them, too. Journalists may also respect a few rates, snap shots, or cowl layout. Some excerpts from opinions of an album/concert will be welcome, too.New Book Announcement Press Release TemplateBook Press Release Template

    New ebook releases are usually just like track album releases, however professionals at the issue frequently recommend including some thing greater to such a press launch: an excerpt from the e book, prices from the latest critiques, the writer’s bio, or a list of beyond publications or awards.Product Update Press Release TemplateProduct Update Press Release Template

    You’re just about to release a brand new characteristic or enhance your product? With this unfastened press launch template, you can inform everybody approximately it.

    Explain what has modified and why it’ll be a exchange for the higher—make certain the reader is certainly sure that the update you’re approximately to enforce isn’t going to be a worry.

    If this press release is addressed to customers and not the media, it must consist of the touch details of humans in fee of customer support, simply in case they have a few more questions. Tutorial videos can also be wonderful to guide the users thru the maximum crucial changes.New Hire Press Release TemplateNew Hire Press Release Template

    So you simply employed new expertise and also you’re wondering how to tell the media of this fact and steady as many guides in this problem as viable? Check out our committed new rent press release manual and examples and the unfastened press release template above.Resignation Announcement Press Release TemplateResignation Press Release Template

    Leaving the employer—particularly whilst the individual involved is well-known—is constantly an thrilling subject matter for the media.

    State the reason for leaving, encompass information on who will replace this person, and/or upload a quote from your CEO or the professional who’s left.New Location Opening Press Release TemplateNew Location Press Release Template

    New workplace = new you? Make positive the world knows about it with this free press release template! Add some pix from the opening or crew constructing event, a making-of, or a quick video of considered one of your teammates displaying the viewers round the new area.

    It’s additionally a very good concept to include a map with guidelines that works each on mobile and computer along side opening hours. Especially in case you’re sending out an invitation as opposed to a cover story from the grand commencing occasion.

    Adding a brief bio of the agency’s founder(s) and a short word about the company is a widespread worth retaining in mind.New Partnership Announcement Press Release TemplateNew Partnership Press Release Template

    Use this unfastened press launch template whenever you begin collaborating with a accomplice that’s essential for your commercial enterprise.

    Write approximately your mutual commitments, describe the mission you’ll be running on collectively, add emblems of both companies, pics regarding your cooperation, touch details of human beings in fee of communique in each businesses.

    Make sure to mention how long this partnership is to ultimate!Rebranding Press Release TemplateRebranding Press Release Template

    The most important query you must ask your self if you’re present process a rebranding process is whether or not it’ll bring about absolutely changing your target institution. If so, it’s advisable to reconsider your messages. What used to depend on your audiences could have lost its significance.

    But regardless of what the solution is, your press launch need to encompass the subsequent records:

    • An alluring headline
    • A short description of your organization/commercial enterprise, which include:
      • rebranding adjustments which can be about to take region
      • a specific date while the adjustments will take effect
      • reason for undergoing the manner, the impact of rebranding (packaging, trademarks, identification, layout, advertising)
      • niche, venture, operations
      • merchandise/offerings
    • A quote from a stakeholder (the CEO, board member)
    • A relevant photograph (corporation emblem, workplace constructing, and so on.)
    • Link to the agency’s website
    • Release date
    • Dateline
    • Boilerplate—a short paragraph about the company
    • Contact data (touch man or woman, agency cope with, smartphone)

    Award Winner Announcement Press Release TemplateAward Press Release Template

    It’s your day of celebration—a moment while you inform the world that you’re the first-rate at something. And there are as a minimum numerous approaches as a way to do it.